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I'll try to explain better. When you do for example variable-cell
dynamics it may evetually happen that two subsequent configurations
are very different, reciprocal cell and atom positions. In that case i
thought it was better to do a complete refresh ( openStringInLine )
also beacuse in the code the refresh procedure (where the
openStringInLine is located) loads several new things used. In this
case the view is NOT conserved (at least in my jmol version...i'm
about to update to the cvs one), am i wrong ?

you are correct. Just make sure you use the data command, not openStringInLine.

>  There's your problem. Dont' mix openStringInline() with queued
> scripting. Just create a DATA command. That's what it is for.
> data "model x"\n
> xyzdatahere\n
> end "model x"\n

Ok, clear. But, after i load the configuration, i suppose i still can
interact with regular scripting. I mean, i can still add and remove
objects ? I'm sure yes...

yes - the data command is just a command. you can add your objects right after it if you want, all in one string:

data "model m"

end "model m"
draw ....

like that.


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