On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 9:51 AM, Jonathan Gutow <gutow@uwosh.edu> wrote:
       "dipole molecular" now appears to be working properly except that it
does not default to the stated 0.4 ang side offset.  I'm not sure it
should.  Maybe that should be removed from the documentation?

Right, the default for MOLECULAR is root at the geometric center of the molecule, not 0.4 side offset. That's only for bonds. I'll change the docs.

       The script editor looks really good!  Wow!  I haven't had a lot of
time to play with it, but I didn't run into any problems with the
scripts I was testing it on.
       Note on  the Swing bug you mention in jmol.properties.  It looks to
me like they claim it is fixed in Java 1.4.5 and above.  I'm not sure
I'm reading the train of messages correctly.  Have you run it on a
machine where you've seen the problem?

All sorts of problems on my machine - but then I did change some things, and I can't get it today, so maybe we're OK.   jre 1.6.0_06


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