Right -- that's a very high priority. I know of no such script breaking. Bill's problem was that he was using JmolAppletControl, not anything with the scripts themselves.


On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 3:54 PM, Eric Martz <emartz@microbio.umass.edu> wrote:
Just to emphasize what may be obvious, it will help us a lot if new
versions of Jmol continue to run scripts that worked with 11.5.x.
Proteopedia.Org stores Jmol state scripts on the server, and as more
and more pages are added, these are getting more numerous (a good
thing). Hopefully new versions of Jmol can avoid breaking these
existing hundreds or thousands of scripts.

(Currently Proteopedia is using 11.5.51. We upgrade whenever there is
a known issue, but only then, because we can't check every page for
broken scripts -- so better to upgrade infrequently and hope that we
notice any problems.)

Thanks, -Eric

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