Hi Nico.  Changed line 576 as you suggested, but no joy -- the behavior is the same.


"Nicolas Vervelle" <nvervelle@numericable.fr>

23-Mar-2007 15:33

Re: [Jmol-users] Jmol MediaWiki extension, works in preview but not on live page


Since several months, I have a lot of work and didn't get the courage of
working again on the Jmol extension.
I think a simple fix should be the following : in function
onParserAfterStrip(), try replacing the "if ($this->mJmolTagPresent ==
true) {" line by "if (true) {".

Tell me if it works ...


joseph.r.moran@gsk.com wrote:
> Hi folks.  I support a small internal wiki for group use within my
> company.  Recently a chemist inquired about embedding Jmol within a
> wiki page, and I found the Jmol MediaWiki extension:
> http://wiki.jmol.org:81/index.php/MediaWiki
> I installed the extension according to the instructions and found
> that, while I can get the Jmol applet to display properly in the
> wiki's "Show Preview" mode while editing the page, viewing the live
> page gets no applet at all.  It seems the Javacript lines to include
> Jmol.js and JmolMediaWiki.js and call JmolInitialize() are not being
> included in the live page.  This is with Jmol 11.0.1 and MediaWiki
> 1.7.1.  I think my problem is similar to Kevin Murphy's situation,
> posted here on 2007-01-23:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/jmol-users@lists.sourceforge.net/msg07674.html
> I couldn't find a resolution in the list archive.  Is this a problem
> within the Jmol extension, or MediaWiki itself?  I'd appreciate any
> suggestions and am willing to test tweaks to the extension.  Thanks,
> --JRM
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