Regarding updating the argument list for onBeforePageDisplay() to be just &$out -- PHP was satisfied but otherwise no change.

Regarding your tests -- sorry I didn't include mention of purge tests from my end.  But yes, our results matched: edit/preview ok, normal/live nok, purge ok.

Now regarding your latest suggestion regarding disableCache() in wfJmolRender(), it's no dice on my end.  I tried it together with our earlier edits up to and including above, and then I tried inserting the $wgParser->disableCache(); statement into a stock JmolExtension.php -- the results were the same (live nok).

That includes Firefox and IE7 with empty local caches, and after using the purge mode to clear MediaWiki's cache.  Touching or otherwise updating MediaWiki's LocalSettings.php also forces MediaWiki to clear its cache, and I did so -- still nok on the live page.  I was beginning to think this was a cache issue within MediaWiki and we could work around it with suitable tweaks to LocalSettings.php, now I don't know.

All the test pages on do work for me -- I think before today only the uploaded XYZ example worked properly, now all three upload examples work, as does the "Inlined CML File" example.

FYI, I'm heading home for the day and won't be able to revisit this until Monday.  Thanks for your attention and suggestions today,


"Nicolas Vervelle" <>

23-Mar-2007 19:06

Re: [Jmol-users] Jmol MediaWiki extension, works in preview but not on live page

Bob Hanson wrote:
Nicolas Vervelle wrote:


If you can easily test modifications, I can try to help you with ideas
to make the extension working.
I have some problems with understanding the internal workings of
MediaWiki, and this part is really difficult (finding how to include
the links to Jmol javascript files only once per page, and only if the
page is really using the Jmol extension).

Nico -- note that now with the automatic initialization, in the
MediaWiki business you would not do the initialization at all, and that
at least takes care of the problem that you might have 0 or multiple

Ok, that could help but I am also trying to include Jmol.js only once by putting the <script> tag in the <header>.
This is rather difficult to understand how MediaWiki works.

I got an answer from mediawiki irc channel, seems to work better.

Joseph, can you try the following modification (it seems to work for me) ?
in the wfJmolRender() function, try adding "$wgParser->disableCache();" as the second line in the function

I have added this modification to Jmol wiki and it seems to work.
Any tester to check that it works on different platforms ?