Thanks Bob,
I am trying with PDB but I'm not clear how to specify "residues". I liked the SMILES string idea from SUBSTRUCTURE but it didn't seem to work.

I have changed the atom types manually and indeed that does highlight the atoms e.g. O becomes S (yellow) but I was hoping for a way to select all the monomer units within a chain without changing the underlying chemical structure so that the user could continue to make further changes to the display if they wished. Having a C-S bond with a C-O distance would undermine that.

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I think you could use the PDB format and specify "residues" that involve the
actual monomers. I would see how much you could do with that format, since
the terms POLYMER and MONOMER are defined in relation to that. To test, just
take any random PDB file and completely change the atom types to see what

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Dear All,I am trying to find  way of using Jmol to display non-biological
polymers e.g. polystyrene, nylon, bisphenol A and to highlight the monomer
units within the chain.
I have found the commands POLYMER, MONOMER, and SUBSTRUCTURE which look as
though they should be useful but I have been unable to make them do anything
useful. There also seems to be some doubt whether they work correctly.
Examining the archives I see a small amount of discussion but no examples
of implementation. Ideally I'd like some of the features that are available
for proteins(peptides) but these do nothing with the polymer structures I
have generated.

Has anyone had more success with these commands?

All the best