Do you plan to have both stable releases (12.2.x currently) and pre-releases (12.3.x currently) ?
How would they be distinguished so that people wanting only stable releases will automatically get the last stable release ?

I see two options:

1) Publish both stable and pre releases into Maven Central and rely on the user to pull the right version he needs. As far as I understand, it is not common practice to tell maven "give me the latest version", but normally you define the exact version number you want. Also, version ranges can be specified such as [12.2,12.3), meaning anything >= 12.2 and smaller than 12.3 (not inclusive).

2) Publish only stable releases into Maven Central, and pre-releases can be published into the snapshots repository that is not synchronized with Maven Central.
That way users can still pull out the pre-release if they specify the snapshot repository location.

The choice is up to you/up to the development team.


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