A bunch of newbie questions. I am fighting my way through the jmol site and the script reference at and loads of tutorials but some things are hard to find. I have Angel Herraez's book on order, looking fwd to a complete sequential exposition of Jmol !

1. Where is the doco of label parameters %a %n etc. As in select select atomno=722; label %a %n. There are plenty of references to "%a has been replaced by %[atomno] at rev xx.x" but not the original list of the %x options. (Yes, I guess I don't actually need it, just bugging me).

2. I can open the console automatically from a script with "console". Can I size and place it ? Mainly to get it off the main render window. 

3. How to pass args into a script from the command line ? I think I have read it is not possible. _arguments are the args into a sub-script. Can args be passed via environment variables or a control file ?

4. Can I create a directory in Jmol script ?

5. Can I do upper/lower case conversion of a string in Jmol ?

6. Is there a compact reference for just the programming language of Jmol. It seems scattered around in places like ..

Many thanks, aplogies for the newbie stuff.

Mac OS X 10.6.8, Jmol 13.2.3, running from command line, loading PDB models via URL and highlighting selected residues and their PTM attach points, spin, write movie frames.

Greg Edwards,
Port Jackson Bioinformatics