Thanks. I will amplify my question below ...

On 8 October 2013 19:46, Angel HerrŠez <> wrote:
Hi Greg

Can you be more specific?

"the status line"

The info bar at the bottom of the standalone Java Jmol app. Ie. java -jar Jmol.jar model.pdb. It shows on the right side the latest and the average frame time in ms, as say "32/35 ms". I'm interested in knowing when the frame rate drops below say 20Hz, or 50ms, which is about when the eye can perceive some jerkiness, and the user control feedback loop begins to break down. (This is the topic of much JSmol discussion too). (This is my flight simulator background talking here).

"current and average frame time"

I don't get what you mean.
For ex., the frame number may be displayed in an echo.

> The standalone Java
> can of course.


> Can these stats be read back from a getProperty call ?

Possibly, but handling the return of getProperty is not trivial.

I've got jmolGetPropertyAsArray() going ok. For boundBoxInfo anyway, a limited size array.

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