I feel like cherry picking functionality to include would present difficulties to users; e.g. "I thought JSmol could do x, but it can't!"

This is a wild idea, but could the entire command-running apparatus be decoupled from display and mouse actions, with significant savings in code size? I'm imagining something like a kiosk mode, without the machinery of scripting behind it.

I understand this may not be possible; just wanted to throw it out there.

On Wednesday, January 30, 2013, Robert Hanson wrote:
I'm wondering if we should try to produce a really trimmed-down "lite" version of Jmol -- a very very minimal core set of functionality that could have better load performance on mobile devices for very basic tasks.

Maybe just

no text
no math (just simple "Rasmol-like" script commands)
just XYZ/MOL file reading

(basically a ChemDoodle-HTML5-only-like level of capability)

What would be a reasonable goal for code size?


(I think I could make it to automatically load additional functionality as needed.)


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