Those changes seam grate! It will probably resolve some issues I had when combining JSmol with Bootstrap.
I'd also add some kind of caret on the menus, that expand. It should make interacting with it much easier.

Pozdrawiam,  |  Best regards,
Maciek Wójcikowski

2013/8/30 Angel Herrįez <angel.herraez@uah.es>
Dear JSmolers,

As a result of a recent post, I've been playing with the look and feel of the
pop-up menu in JSmol/HTML5

I'd like to share a CSS-customised variation for your comments, individual
adoption or implementation into default JSmol code.

Please see the example at
There is a live demo, an image for comparison and you may look at the page
source code to see the customisation (only CSS is changed)

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