Thank very much, Rolf. Check out the new look: -- updated to Jmol 13.2/13.4

On Sun, Sep 1, 2013 at 4:47 AM, Rolf Huehne <> wrote:
       Hi Bob and others,

the scripting documentation in the SVN hasn't been updated for quite a while. This leads to a very outdated Jena3D mirror ( The latest Jmol version for which documentation is available there is 12.4.
I havn't complained yet because we are still using version 11.6 within Jena3D and the documentation for it vanished on the primary site. But since our version is supposed to be a mirror it shouldn't get too distant. But I would prefer that the documentation for 11.6 would be included again.

Besides this I would propose some tweaks for the CSS of the documentation. I have only checked them yet in Firefox 22.0 on Windows. The attached picture shows how the tables are supposed to look with the tweaks.
There were also some unexpected places with tables like 'examples'. But I think they profit from the changes as well.

====== CSS tweaks ============
table {
   border-spacing: 0px;
   border-collapse: collapse;
   border: 0px solid rgb(0,0,0);
   margin-left: 0.2em;
   margin-top : 0.2em;
td td {
   border-collapse: collapse;
   border: 0px solid rgb(42,182,255);
   padding-top: 0.2em;
   padding-bottom: 0.2em;
   padding-left: 0.4em;
td td {
   background-color: rgb(249,249,249);
td tr:nth-child(2n+1) > td {
   background-color: rgb(229,229,229);
td tr:nth-child(2n+1) > td:first-child {
   background-color: rgb(170,210,255);
td tr:nth-child(2n) > td:first-child {
   background-color: rgb(209,239,255);
td td td {
   background-color: rgb(219,219,219);
td td tr:nth-child(2n+1) > td {
   background-color: rgb(239,239,239);
td td tr:nth-child(2n+1) > td:first-child {
   background-color: rgb(143,224,191);
td td tr:nth-child(2n) > td:first-child {
   background-color: rgb(154,254,213);


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