On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 5:50 PM, Philip Bays <pbays@saintmarys.edu> wrote:
After playing with JSmol on Bob's web site, I downloaded the files and began the process of trying to understand the javascript of test5.htm.  I moved the jsmol directory to my campus web site.   I have some successes and some failures:-(  both of which I suspected.   Here are the questions.

1.  On Bob's site you can use a variety of options (Jmol applet, signed applet, html5, etc.)  For me, the HTML5 works, but I do not see in the code where the link is to the jmol applets.   Is it line58 where the serverURL is specified?

It is

    jarPath: "..",

2. Where is the code that puts the textbox and the rollover menu in place?   I see JSmoljQuery.js in line 5, but do not see when it is called on the page.

    addSelectionOptions: true,


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