darn! Yes, broken in 13.1.7; fixed for 13.1.13. OK, that is checked in. I'm uploading a new http://chemapps.stolaf.edu/jmol/Jmol-13.zip , which will take about 15 minutes from this location.


On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 6:35 PM, Alexander Rose <alexander.rose@weirdbyte.de> wrote:

load =1crn;
print "property_tmp not set";
print {*.CA and ALA}.property_tmp.all;
print "setting property_tmp to 1.0";
{*.CA and ALA}.property_tmp = 1.0;
print {*.CA and ALA}.property_tmp.all;

this used to work


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If nature does not answer first what we want,
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