I think it's possible that we could set up Jmol on the Android tablet to run any web page that uses Jmol.js (at least if the page creates one single applet). The difference would be that the "applet" would appear on the right side of the screen, while the browser would appear on the left (in landscape mode). I'm pretty sure we could have all the JavaScript functionality of the applet -- all the buttons, links, menus, etc., except the pop-up menu.

So, for example:

Proteopedia could load on the left, and on the right, in an independent panel, the molecule could load and be manipulable.
Standard single-applet web pages could be loaded and have all controls operate on the "applet" on the right.

It's really too bad Apple doesn't support this sort of development. But there is some hope there as well, if anyone wants to take a crack at it: www.infoworld.com/d/developer-world/novell-bringing-net-developers-apple-ipad-391

What's interesting here is that JmolAndroid is the first application to use LibJmol.jar. And LibJmol.jar could be used for C# development within the .NET framework. I think there is nothing terribly fancy about LibJmol.jar. The key would be to find a utility that would convert it to a C# library module.


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