Quentin, this may not work. You cannot successfully load many many applets on a page. There are generally much better alternatives. Consider an image in each row and the capability to click on an image to load a single applet, perhaps.

Also, you should use JmolCore.js, not just put an applet tag on the page.

On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 8:51 AM, Quentin Delettre <quentin.delettre@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear all,

I am developing a website that will use data (mainly sdf files) from a database, and provide a table like view to the users with the jquery plugin Datatables .

I want to provide a jmol applet for each data row, using sdf data stored in a javascript variable.

For the moment, i achieve to initialize and instantiate applets with

In the body :

And in the cell, the jquery plugin let me put a string that is:
<applet name="jmol" code="JmolApplet" archive="./jmol-12.2.25/JmolApplet.jar" width="150" height="150">

So, how to use jmolLoadInline function ?

Thanks a lot.

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