not dots, I guess. Not in Jmol 10, either. Does seem a bit odd, either way. I see stars are like you describe.

Looking at the code, it's a super-easy fix.



On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 10:05 AM, Angel HerrŠez <> wrote:
> The load of the 1crn must be preloading the cartoon shape.

I don't understand this.

I thought (based on experience) that color of any atom-attached
elements can be stored before they are displayed or created.

//13.1.9 application
load =1crn; //comes as ball & stick
color trace cyan;
color strands green;
wireframe off;
color bonds magenta;
color dots orange;
trace on; //cyan
strands on; //green
wireframe 0.2; //magenta
dots on; //cpk

Not that I am complaining, there's probably a reason; †just

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