Might have some capitalization issues there. But in any case, that method is pretty much deprecated. Much better is the LOAD DATA command, with the .script() method. Create a JavaScript string:

LOAD DATA "mymodel"
.... model data here...
END "mymodel"  ...more load options here...
... more scripting here

This allows you more flexibility.


On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 2:06 PM, James Wonsever <jwonsever@lbl.gov> wrote:
I'm trying to do something like jmol.sourceforge.net/demo/jssample2, but I can't seem to get jmolLoadInline to work at all.  I always get an error saying applet.loadInlineString(model, "", false) is not a function.   Has anyone seen this before?  Does anyone have a fix/alternative?  I want jmol to load a model from a javascript variable.


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