-- adds option to create images using WRITE IMAGE or WRITE PNGJ of sizes not that of the current canvas.

I'm ready to tackle localization. The idea:

1. We include a trimmed down version of the translation/JmolApplet/xx.po files in the JSmol distribution.

2. We load those files as "resources" on call, based on the value of

navigator.language || navigator.userLanguage

creating a PropertyResourceBundle on the fly.

How hard would it be to create an Ant task that would change this:

#: org/jmol/script/ScriptCompilationTokenParser.java:1387
#, java-format
msgid "{0} unexpected"
msgstr "no se esperaba {0}"

#: org/jmol/script/ScriptCompilationTokenParser.java:1390
#, java-format
msgid "unrecognized expression token: {0}"
msgstr "no se reconoce la palabra clave {0} en la expresión"

to this:

{0}\ unexpected=no se esperaba {0}
unrecognized\ expression\ token\:\ {0}=no se reconoce la palabra clave {0}\ en\ la\ expresión


Or perhaps just create JavaScript equivalents?

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