What fun!!!! Good job, Paul. All sorts of possibilities there. This is just the start, I think.

I am so glad to see that people are experimenting with this.

I know Kevin Theisen (iChemLabs, CEO; ChemDoodle inventor and chief guru) is a lurker here ;) so thanks go to him as well.


On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 9:31 AM, Paul Pillot <paul.pillot@ac-orleans-tours.fr> wrote:
I've made some progress on my page associating Jmol to chemdoodle's sketcher : now every new addition/modification to the sketch is immediately reflected on the Jmol view's and vice versa.
It uses pick and message callback to detect modifications from Jmol, and I also inserted  "chemDoodle2jmol" statements in chemdoodleweb-sketcher.js where the history manager works.

PS : I also made implicit carbons visible to suit my need, removed the buttons I didn't need from the sketcher, but I think the webpage could still give a good idea of this 2 way communication between Chemdoodle and Jmol

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