The documentation is still messed up. You need to also have:

set dragSelected

in addition to set allowRotateSelected.

Then in addition, alt-shift-left-drag translates.

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 10:52 AM, Martin Hediger <> wrote:
Dear List
Is it possible that rotateAllowSelected is not working correctly in Jmol
I set "allowRotateSelected True" and try to rotate the molecule with
<ALT>+<LEFT_MOUSE> in the applet, however, it only is rotated around an
invisible axis (i.e. in two dimensions), not freely.
Does anyone see the same thing? I think there was recently a question
about this on the mailing list, however I couldnt find it anymore, so
sorry for the double post

Thanks for any hints on this.

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