I have a file that can be slipped in for Jmol.js that makes older pages work as JSmol. Wouldn't that work? What does Java vs JavaScript have to do with the fact that it is a wiki? (unless there's a jQuery incompatibility, I suppose).

On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 8:45 AM, Angel HerrŠez <angel.herraez@uah.es> wrote:

> You just flip the switch in Info from use:"Java" to use:"HTML5".

I don't think so. The existing information for Wikis will use either
Jmol.js or, most likely, wiki-engine-specific extensions that
implement Jmol applets.
So, description(s) for the new Jmol-JSO method (either Java or HTML5
JSmol) are releveant and will be welcome.

Henry, I think there has been one or two threads recently regarding
JSmol in one of the wiki engines. I will point you to them if I can
locate them.
Apart from that, there is the Proteopedia experience (using
Mediawiki). I know they have implemented JSmol (and it will be used
by default in some non-Java platforms, but I don't know the details).
Last time I looked there was a link to a page that explains the
implementation, but the page did not exist yet. Please check the wiki
section on "Literature" and you will see the article where the link
is provided (2013 in the Israel J Chem). Otherwise, Jaime Prilusky or
his colleagues may provide guidance.

As always, contributions to the Jmol Wiki by any Jmol user will be
welcome and appreciated.
It's sad to say, statistics show
6.221 page edits since installing the wiki, of which 4.317 are by me
in the last 3 months
5.026 users, of which just 22 are "active" (i.e. with some activity
in the last 3 months) --we do have a lot of junk users (spammers
without success) that should not count.

I'm happy to contribute on this --others are doing a greater job in
other areas like coding--, but I may get tired any day... ;-)
and J(S)mol is getting really complex :)

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