Thanks, Nico, for releasing 12.2.10 and 12.3.10. Here's an update of features and bug fixes including those for 12.2.9 and 12.3.9. These can now be checked a  Most of the new features have to do with creating animations of reaction mechanisms, which just got a whole lot easier.

# new feature: Application -- press and hold animation next/prev button to continuously run animation

# new feature: set echo myecho SCALE 0.3 -- for image scaling

# new feature: write PDB adds CONECT records
#  -- for all multiple bonding and all HETATM bonds
#  -- uses CONECT i j j  to indicate multiple bonding

# new feature: FRAME DELAY x.y
#  -- specific delay (in seconds) in animation at a given frame
#  -- applies to all currently in-frame models

# new feature: _animTimeSec
#  -- the overall time expected for an animation to run through once
#  -- allows the DELAY command to be used to wait for an animation to complete or to run a certain number of loops

# new feature: compare {from} {to} FRAME
#  -- aligns frames automatically
#  -- particularly nice for IRC calculation animations
#  -- for example: compare {file=2} {1.1} FRAME
#  -- can be followed by quaternion, atom, or SMILES options
#  -- for example: compare {file=2} {1.1} FRAME ATOMS @1 @5  @2 @8  @3 @9
#     (all of file 2 atoms moved) file 2 atoms 1,2,3 aligned
#      with file 1.1 atoms 5,8,9)
#  -- if {to} is a subset of {from}, then FRAME is unnecessary,
#     and if ATOMS is included, then just the list of alignment
#     atoms is necessary. For example:
#        compare {*} {1.1}
#        compare {*} {1.1} atoms @1 @2 @3
#  -- see for more examples

# bug fix: background colors saved to state can be off very slightly
# bug fix: draw PLANE with three vertices not saved correctly in state

# bug fix: delay not allowed within try{...}
# bug fix: script @{x} fails
# bug fix: function call with @x or @1 in parameters fails
# bug fix: x = file("?") fails on Cancel

# bug fix: PNGJ reading remote fails
# bug fix: adding H atoms to mol2 file faulty
# bug fix: load xxx.png;write PNGJ xxx.png (to same file as loaded) fails

# bug fix: lcaoCartoon dual color p orbitals giving white for one lobe
# bug fix: trace for RNA/DNA involving H5T with set showHydrogens FALSE shows random line

# bug fix: after "ZAP; LOAD append"  show orientation will have incorrect zyz script 

# bug fix: set isKiosk should:
#      (a) not be reversible
#      (b) not allow file saves other than logging
#      (c) not allow prompt dialogs
#      (d) not allow console or popup menu or ScriptEditor

# bug fix: Molecular Playground should allow for set allowGestures OFF to disallow swipe

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