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So what is MathJax, and what does it have to do with Jmol? Sounds interesting....

There are some general browser page-reloading issues with JavaScript in general. I think it can depend upon whether you press ENTER in the URL line or press whatever button does a reload. Looks to me like it handles memory differently. Not sure.


On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 4:52 AM, Geoffrey Rowland <rowland.geoff@gmail.com> wrote:
Have not investigated this in any detail, but have also noticed a clash between JSmol and MathJax in some circumstances - with MathJax displaying a [Math Processing Error]. 

In case it helps with the diagnosis, here are the symptoms I have observed. Behaviour is somewhat variable. Firefox appears least susceptible, Chrome and IE more so. Sometimes a page reload fixes the issue, sometimes it breaks a working display. The problem appears worse for pages with more, or more complex, JSmol instances. So, perhaps related to the relative load/processing times for JSmol and MathJax? Get the problem whether MathJax is loaded locally or from CDN.



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