On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 11:04 AM, James <james@ryley.com> wrote:
Hi Robert,

Thanks for pointing me to the JSpecViewApplet.jnlp file, as an alternative to running Jmol locally. This leaves me with a couple questions:

So I'm guessing that opened, but Jmol.jar did not? Something very odd there....

1) Previously I was scripting operations with Jmol. For that purpose, should I still refer to Jmol.jar, and not this new file?

Either way. But there is no command-line scripting of a JNLP file, I think.

2) I'm not sure how to give the applet the permissions it needs. When I select File -> Open File, I get a permissions error right away (no chance to change directories to somewhere that might have the appropriate permissions). This is what I see:

Make sure you use JmolAppletSigned.jnlp, not JmolApplet.jnlp. It should have full permissions. Does for me....