I just watched as an SVN check-in turned into an SVN full deletion of everything I had done in the last 16 hours (totally rewriting the menuing system to use Swing in Java AND JavaScript. Argh!) I was able to stop it half-way through, and I got lucky in that my signature file is not on the path and also I had just before that done a JSmol build, which copies just about all the source to another project. That and a recent JSpecView build meant I had all files except one tiny one and just had to piece it all together again. Whew! That was 3 hours I could have been sleeping.

In any case, you should not notice anything different from what I did. However, the HTML5 popup menu in JavaScript (untested since this last little debacle) is now using Swing even though it is JavaScript. Interestingly, the code that is different between JavaScript and Java for all the menuing amounts to two short files -- org.jmol.popup.JSSwingPopupHelper and org.jmol.popup.AwtSwingPopupHelper that are completely independent of Jmol itself.

Basically what we have now is a system that allows you to write all the code in Java, even for Swing classes, in just about any project, and then convert it to JavaScript in a flash. I think that's significant. This is something that is completely impossible with GWT.

Onward, ho!


Robert M. Hanson
Larson-Anderson Professor of Chemistry
St. Olaf College
Northfield, MN

If nature does not answer first what we want,
it is better to take what answer we get.

-- Josiah Willard Gibbs, Lecture XXX, Monday, February 5, 1900