What 2D conversion? I thought you had JSME set aside.

The spectrum is coming from nrmdb, at EPFL, in Lausanne, Switzerland. That service takes a MOL file but returns a different MOL file. So your initial stucture in Jmol will be replaced.

On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 5:12 PM, Otis Rothenberger <osrothen@chemagic.com> wrote:

I spent the day poking around, and I think I'm beginning to understand some of this. I do see how to get a local file into the triumvirate of applets with sync.

Two  questions:

Where is this coming from:

Actelion Java MolfileCreator 1.0 FILE ???


I take it that this means that the 2D to 3D (JME to Jmol) via Jmol.updateView(false) is not going via Resolver. Is that correct?


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