just use the two commands. That command requires very specific options in very specific positions. But you don't have to say "myecho" more than once:

set echo myecho
set echo model 1.1
set echo 50% 100%
echo my text;

2012/2/20 Angel HerrŠez <angel.herraez@uah.es>
Hi all

I am trying to define an echo associated to a frame in a multimodel file.

I cannot manage to set at the same time the 2D position of the echo and the model it should
be associated to.

I see that I can do it in two parts:

set echo myEcho model 1.1; set echo myEcho 50% 100%;echo my text;

Is there not a way to set everything in a single command?
All I tried gives an error, wrong number of arguments

That's Jmol 12.2.2, but tried also 12.3.14


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