I don't see the crashing. What's the error report?

x = getProperty("atomInfo")

gets that into a model.

$ load $caffeine
print getProperty("atomInfo")[3]

_ipt    :    2
atomIndex    :    2
atomno    :    3
bondCount    :    3
clickabilityFlags    :    12
colix    :    -32762
color    :    [x909090]
coord    :    {1.7906001 0.2081 0.0010}
element    :    carbon
elemno    :    6
formalCharge    :    0
info    :    C3 #3
model    :    1
partialCharge    :    0.0
radius    :    0.80833334
shape    :    trigonal planar
spacefill    :    0.391
sym    :    C
visibilityFlags    :    13
visible    :    true
x    :    1.7906001
y    :    0.2081
z    :    0.0010

$ print getProperty("atomInfo")[3]["atomno"]


It's more efficient, if you only want one value, to put it all in the quotes:

$ print getProperty("atomInfo[3][color]")

and if you skip the [3], you get a list over all the atoms (in this case)

$ print getProperty("atomInfo[color]")


On Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 7:05 AM, Martin Hediger <ma.hed@bluewin.ch> wrote:
Dear Jmol Users
If I load a PDB structure into the Jmol application (not the Jmol
applet) and use

getProperty "atomInfo", "1.1"

I receive the output

atomInfo    *List[0]

in bold blue font. However, when I just use

getProperty "atomInfo"

the application crashes.

I have two questions:
1) In the Jmol application, how can I assign the *List[0] content to a
variable and access its elements? Whats the Jmol syntax for this?
2) What do the '*' and the [0] mean in this context?

Thanks for help.

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