These are the sorts of changes we are seeing. Yes, by all means go to JSmol. You will love it.

On Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 11:12 AM, <> wrote:
I had discussed my problem in the JMOL User Forum for a couple of days, but i got no solution for my problem, so I try this again here in the developer forum.
Perhaps somebody can help me:

Dear JMOL Community!

I have written a Chemistry Book in HTML Format for the high school and I have written a lot of HTML files with a lot of 3D Molecule Animations using CHIME.
This is a HTML-Only book with 3-D Molecules and some flash animations and should run from local disk only.

A while ago, I changed from CHIME-Plugin  to JMOL und it looks very good.

For about a week, I did an JAVA Update on my Laptop  (Java Ver. 7 update 40) and the troubles started:

3-D molecules do not open.
After a time of testing: I realized, i had to use signed applet instead of normal applets.
But the bigger problem is, that the relative path in the LoadCommand did not work anymore:

    <title>Simple example</title>
    <script src="Jmol.js"></script>
      jmolInitialize(".", true);
      jmolApplet(500, "load 1.mol");
All files (applet, molfile, html)are in the same directory!

Gives me an Load Error in the applet: c:\User\kk\Desktop\1.mol  not found
If I place the mol.file on my desktop, than the 3-d model opens.
If I return to Java RTE 7.25 (or earlier) , than the local path is working correct.

I have no java knowhow, but what is wrong???

Should I change to JSmol ? Or do I running in problem, because I am using local files?

I want only display 3-D Models in a locally stored HTML Page, no Checkboxes, very simple. What I have understood is, that the JSmol Version do not need anymore JAVA Runtime. It only use JAVA Scripts, and so it should work also on Android and/or iOS ?? In the moment I use my Chemistrybook only under Windows.

Thanks for any help!


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