Pat, good to hear from you. I just past through Philly on my way to the BCCE meeting at Penn State, where I am now.

Sure enough, and that reader was also not assigning International Table numbers or Hall names, either.


Should be fixed.

$ load c:/temp/6063.res {555 555 1}
[looks good]
$ show symmetry
Symmetry Information:
model #1.1; name=1Defaultparameters
Spacegroup: #4: P 2yb [P 1 21 1]
Number of symmetry operations: 2
Symmetry Operations:


On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 9:10 PM, Patrick Carroll <> wrote:
I seem to be getting different behavior for some of the symmetry commands when I read a CIF than when I read a SHELXL .res file. With a CIF,  load "" {555 555 1} produces a cell with the molecules normalized so the centers of gravity are inside the cell (as it should). But a .res file with load "" {555 555 1} does not provide normalized co-ordinates. It behaves the same as load "" {555 555 0}. Jmol version is 12.2.33.

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