ps, there is no need to change the file --

script localpath "" ""

does the conversion.

On Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 12:42 PM, Eric Martz <> wrote:
Dear Bob,

This Proteopedia (modified) state script

works in Jmol 11.8.24 and 12.0.31, but NOT in 12.2.16, 12.2.19, or
the 12.2.19_dev currently in Proteopedia.

It is supposed to produce amantadine drug in ball and stick. In
12.2.19_dev only the balls show.
When I run it in application 12.2.19, only the balls show and also
some other sticks show that are not supposed to show.

You can test it this way:

1. Copy the script and comment out this:

  if (loadedfileprev != "550f61a012bca41802f7e3969b23fd54");
    loadedfileprev = "550f61a012bca41802f7e3969b23fd54";
    reloadfile = true;

2. Run Jmol application and load =2kqt

3. Paste the script (with the load block commented out) into the script console

Thanks, -Eric

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