will be, for instance, jmolAppelt0

On Sun, Oct 6, 2013 at 11:18 AM, Angel HerrŠez <> wrote:
I cannot find documentation on the callbacks in JSmol

My problem is how to apply a script in the callback function
I have

Info = {
† loadstructcallback: 'modelLoaded';

function modelLoaded(a,b,c) {
† Jmol.script( myJmol, myScript );

The question is how to provide myJmol object reference for the script. As far
as I can see, the first parameter returned from the callback is a text string in
the way †myJmol_object
But I need the Jmol object itself, not a text string.

I found that this works, but I'd rather not use an internal objectref.:
Jmol.script( Jmol._applets[a.split("_object")[0]], myScript )

I think there must be a user-friendly way of referring to the †Jmol Object
returned from the callback. Old jmolCallback() returned a text string (the
applet id) but that could be used directly, since the applet id is what the
Jmol.js functions expected.

So what's the way?

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