On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 8:02 AM, Rzepa, Henry S <h.rzepa@imperial.ac.uk> wrote:
>> (By the way, Wow! Do I LOVE this little dual-core Galaxy. I am very happy I
>> didn't jump for an iPad now; this is a real computer, not just a large
>> iPhone!)
>> I'm starting to catch on to the tablet idea,


If you have any spare time (!),  I would be interested in how much having the  Jmol app running on the  Galaxy reduces its battery duration 9 (from eg 8 hours to what?).  With the current state of battery technology, most of what a tablet does is probably dominated by this attribute.   Thus  graphics is always going to be expensive, but how much?

A lot of this depends upon how an app is set up. Right now we are not shutting down when given the "pause" or "stop" event, and that would of course be important. The TODO list includes making sure rendering is shut down when sleeping, but that's not there yet. So we could address this once we get it tuned a bit more.

I note in this context that the  "battery sensitive" version of  OpenGL (WebGL) has yet to make an appearance on a tablet (I had been anticipating it might in  iOS 5 but it did not).  I presume they are still working on making it battery friendly.  No idea if the Samsung browser on the tablet supports  WebGL yet (although in fact  WebGL is not directly relevant to  Jmol!).

I suspect that WebGL is extremely processor intensive just because there must be a lot of overhead.

The Samsung Galaxy will also give me another platform to experiment with parallel processing, since it is dual core, and both processors are available. Memory could be an issue, but it might be quite interesting to, for example, have the translucent rendering running in parallel to the opaque rendering, and then just integrated at the end. Right now it's two separate passes. Or we could have a processor just for balls or just for cartoons, or something like that.

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