no such script exists that I know of, but you can certainly write one yourself -- atoms can be moved, measurements can be made...

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Hi there,
I am preparing some video for teaching organic reaction mechanisms. I need
to transform a sp3 hybridized carbon to sp2 hybridization. In facts a carbon
atom is bound to 4 different groups with bond angles which are around 109.
One of the substituents leaves the molecule and the carbon it was attached
to then became planar and all the remaining substituents goes co-planar and
with angles of 120 between each other. What I would like to know is whether
there is a script command which I can use to change the bond angles but in a
way that all the atoms and groups attached to the substituents which change
the angles will follow the residue they are attached to (hope it is clear)
Thank you so much for the help you are going to provide me

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