Hi Robert,

Thanks for the suggestion. I do have a VPN set up, but no mapped drives, so I looked into that a little but it did not seem to be involved.

One other observation: The "load" command works from the console. Is the "open" button in the GUI doing something different than "load"? I guess it is, because even if a successful "open" results in a "load" command in the end, "open" has the additional process of browsing to the desired file, and since the file browser never comes up, it's not getting to the load command.

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On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 7:06 PM, Robert Hanson <hansonr@stolaf.edu> wrote:
I have had general delays with Windows 8 when I had previously had a network file directory mapped, closed my computer, then opened it and tried to look at a menu  -- with Java or otherwise. It was very very slow to connect, presumably because it was repeatedly trying to connect with a no longer connected VPN. Just a thought.