I got the same in the source:

</script><script src="/mediawiki/extensions/Jmol/Jmol.js?version=3.3_dev_1"></script><script src="/mediawiki/extensions/Jmol/JmolMediaWiki.js?version=3.3_dev_1"></script></head><body>  is not accessible - but I would have expected this, as Jaime suggested to try the COPYRIGHT.txt, and i could not access this one as well.



On 30 November 2011 14:10, Nicolas Vervelle <> wrote:

So it seems that the extension is active (tags are correctly replaced), but the Jmol part doesn't work at all :(
In one of your previous mail, you put a part of the source code of the page for the <jmol> tag.
Can you also send the part that contains the links to the Jmol .js files, that is the <head> part ?

For example on Jmol wiki, I have this :
<script src="/extensions/Jmol/Jmol.js?version=3.3_dev_1"></script><script src="/extensions/Jmol/JmolMediaWiki.js?version=3.3_dev_1"></script>
Is it correct also on your wiki ?
It should be something like /mediawiki/Jmol/Jmol.js for you.
Can you access the Jmol.js and JmolMediaWiki.js file through your web server ?
The URL http://<IP>/mediawiki/extensions/Jmol/Jmol.js should be accessible.


On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 1:38 PM, Kilian Baerwinkel <> wrote:
Hi Nico,

I have also tried less complex tags like  <jmolPdb>1ALE</jmolPdb>, <jmolfile>. Both display a blue link in hte wiki, but nothing happens if the link is clicked.


all the files are accessible for the servers user, both owner and permissions are the same as for other extensions, which are working. 



On 29 November 2011 10:06, Nicolas Vervelle <> wrote:
Hi Kilian,

Can you also try the simpler tags ?
There are 2 sets of tags :
  • a complex one, <jmol>, which can be used to customize a lot of things
  • several simpler tags, <jmolFile>, <jmolPdb>, <jmolSmiles>, which have been added later to provide a simple interface for users

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