I apologize if this isn't the right place to post the following. I am forwarding after a first send, thinking the address may be wrong or obsolete or else. The original message addresses Bob Hanson as I followed a mailto link contained in the test2.htm page. I don't mean to specifically bother Bob with these questions and now that I wrote to the list any help will be very much appreciated.
Kind regards to all


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Da: adriano ceccarelli <adriano.ceccarelli@unito.it>
Data: 29 ottobre 2013 00.38.12 GMT+01.00
A: hansonr@stolaf.edu
Oggetto: test2.htm page

Dear Bob, 
many thanks for providing the community with nice and exhaustive examples such as the test2.htm page that comes in the jmol. zip folder. I was fascinated by its flexibility.
I have been using jmol for a number of years as an aid in teaching basic structures for biology and molecular genetics courses. It always went flawlessly, if it didn't it was just for my very unexperienced use of html code for embedding applets etc etc.
However, with the advent of java-independent platforms, such as ipad, ipod, iphone, android OSs etc what used to be a useful site in now far from being so. I started looking for a solution and found the newly developed java-independent version. What I find really interesting though is what it says in this test2.htm page about the automatic choice of code upon browser capabilities. Did I get that right? This would be a gem if I could convert to it  all the pages in my site. 
But I couldn't work out myself if this is a conceivable idea or rather I simply missed a point somewhere along this track.....
I have seen the jmol2.js script and comments and instructions as to how convert already existing pages, but as far as I understand it, once they are converted java is not needed/used anymore. Would that impact on basic jmol functionality and if so how heavily? Would it be possible to easily convert pages to an automatic choice depending on the browser as it is said in the test2.htm comments?

Many thanks for your time and help.

Kind regards

Adriano Ceccarelli

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