Christoph -- How are you?

I finally tracked this down and realized I never answered your questions. Sorry for that.

I don't see the shift-mouse-press being hijacked. Shift seems to still do zoom and rotate, not selection. But there should  be a way to do what you want. You might look into some of the pickingStyle settings. I've never found the shift-LEFT for rotate/zoom to be very valuable anyway. Particularly with the right-edge zoom. So feel free to unbind that.

I don't see exactly how to use this app, probably because I don't fully understand what people are interested in looking at when they do alignments. I see the floating groups go down to the sequences, but I don't see the exactly see what's going on there.

I also realize I never acted on the temporary-memory business, mostly because I lost your email message on that and then forgot how to do it!


On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 5:33 PM, Dr. Christoph Gille <> wrote:
Hi Bob,

In STRAP I hijacked Jmol's  shift-mouse-press and ctrl-mouse-press events.

Is this OK or do I destroy some functionality?

The idea is to use ctrl and shift for continuous according to
general GUI guide lines.

Do you think that it is useful?

Here is an Java -Webstart example that you can launch by mouse click.

How do you like the GUI interface?

Do you find it easy enough to use for a typical Jmol user?



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