Hi Guys,

I am having an unusual problem.  I wrote a jmol applet that has been working perfectly for years, but some months back, on Firefox for Mac (latest rev), the viewer started to appear cropped.   It still takes the same amount of space on my html form, but white space blocks substantial swathes of the right and bottom edges.  The jmol window appears normally on Firefox for Windows, Safari, Mozilla for Linux, and every other browser I've tried.  Here is one example:


If someone on this list could pull it up on Firefox for Mac, observe what I mean, and suggest a possible cause I would be most grateful.  If you take a look at the page source I think you will see I am doing nothing all that exotic -- and yet surely there is something I could do to fix this problem.

many thanks,


Samuel Coulbourn Flores, PhD
Altman Lab
Department of BioEngineering
Stanford University