Rolf, I snuck in one last change for you, since Nico didn't get a chance to release this last night:

On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 11:39 AM, Rolf Huehne <> wrote:

I always stumble over the drastically changed mouse drag and mouse wheel
sensitivity when I work with newer versions than 11.6.
While rotating I first think that Jmol became really slow. Until I
remember that it is just the reduced (or would it rather be called
increased?) sensitivity.
With mouse wheel zoom it is even more drastically. Very tedious now to
zoom into a protein using the mouse wheel with the new default settings.

It occurred to me that the wheel zoom setting was a problem specifically with multitouch. So I just made that lower 1.02 value the default ONLY for multitouch, with 1.15 (the older value) back to its original. You won't have that problem anymore.

Mouse drag: Again, it was a multitouch issue. For that, the mouse drag really has to be as it is now -- such that the molecule FOLLOWS the mouse, not just that a mouse movement rotates the molecule. But, again, I realize that with large applet sizes this becomes a serious issue. So in this case I have just now changed it for non-multitouch applications to top out at 500 pixels for its "screen size" in the calculation. This means that up to 500 pixels wide, a mouse movement across the entire screen will be 180 degrees rotation. As the applet size increases beyond that you will see the same rotation for each mouse movement. So, for example for 1000x1000, a mouse movement across the entire screen is 360 degrees, not 180.

We can tweak that a bit if it doesn't work for you.

Maybe I am not the only one who is bothered by the new defaults. So I
think it might be a good idea to mention this also in the "new feature"
list and that you can go back to the old sensitivity by setting
"mouseDragFactor" and "mouseWheelFactor".


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