2010/11/27 Angel HerrŠez <angel.herraez@uah.es>

>†††† the HTML code of the main window as Javascript (so it's quite complex). I am looking for a
>†††† function with simple parameters (mainly, just the URL of the file to be loaded by the Jmol
>†††† applet) that would then entirely create the popup window.

Well, the HTML code must come from some place :-)
I guess that code could be generated in the Javascript. Does it make any difference to have it there rather than† in the php?

Currently, I think that the situation is :
This is mostly because the <jmol> tag has many options (for creating applets, controls, popup windows, ...) but it comes with a price in terms of complexity (characters escaping for several languages, the popup is produced by several codes, ...)

With the reactions from Wikipedia people, I have†decided to make the Jmol extension much simpler to use by editors of Wikipedia contents.
For example, I am currently designing basic tags instead of the <jmol> tag :†<jmolFile> to open a popup window with a Jmol applet for a molecular file already uploaded into Wikipedia, ...
With this simpler tags, I think the PHP / Javascript / HTML can also be simpler.

My idea for the moment :
What†do you think ?