Jonathan, I really don't think it has to do with anything like that. Too subtle. The real question is this: What's so special about the console? We use the class loader all OVER the place -- if it were just that, we wouldn't be able to open PDB files, wouldn't do minimization, wouldn't have symmetry -- etc., etc.

So something is special about the console. But what?

Going back to the original issue, you wrote:

AppletConsole initialized Error creating instance for org.jmol.applet.AppletConsole:
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^The line above has me confused, as I don't think anything is being created yet^^^^^^^^
entering case 80 of viewer.getProperty
^^^^ After this message the java console stops.

Sending a second using jmolScript ("console") starts the java console with a duplicate of the

entering case 80 of viewer.getProperty

Then continues normally creating the console.

What do you make of that.  Do we have a problem with the java object engine (or what ever it is called)?

So let's say we can't get the console to start initially. What is different about the second call to getProperty? Can you track that down?


On Sat, May 22, 2010 at 10:13 PM, Jonathan Gutow <> wrote:
I think on 10.6.3 macs the script interpreter is running afoul of the 64-bit hotspot VM when it starts the processes to create the console.  Webkit browsers are defaulting to that rather than the 32 bit version.  Any idea if we are using code that is not 64 bit compliant in the applet?

I traced the problem as far as the java class that creates a new instance of an object (part of the java api).  Maybe  we are passing 32-bit info when it needs 64 bit.  Can we have the applet call for 32 bit?



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