Probably the last update of Jmol for 2010. What a great year! Thank you all for contributing.

Here's a final list of bug fixes and a few new features in 12.0 summarizing 12.0.23 - 12.0.26.

DRAW command

# 12.0.26 bug fix: draw intersection/polygon without vertices does not clear existing object

# 12.0.23 bug fix: draw * translucent does nothing
# 12.0.23 bug fix: draw with multiple models can fail to save state


# 12.0.26 new feature: isosurface/draw .length (also added to 12.1.27)
# 12.0.26 bug fix: obj/pmesh file reading problems
# 12.0.26 bug fix: failure to create atomicOrbital does not clear that isosurface
# 12.0.26 bug fix: isosurface slab for plane not working
# 12.0.26 bug fix: undocumented $isosurface1[3] fixed
# 12.0.26 bug fix: isosurface set 0  does not display all sets

# 12.0.23 bug fix: isosurface t.obj should be discernable as OBJ if created by PyMOL
# 12.0.23 bug fix: isosurface on frame other than first will be incorrect
# 12.0.23 bug fix: isosurface OBJ pymol.obj not reading Pymol output
# 12.0.23 bug fix: relaxing single-model requirement for isosurface for SELECT option
#          as long as only a single model's atoms are selected
#          (Jmol 12.1 goes further, allowing for this for preselected atoms)

LOAD command:

# 12.0.26 bug fix: load ... filter "BIOMOLECULE 1" ... broken in 12.0.19

# 12.0.25 bug fix: GenNBO reader does not read MOs properly
# 12.0.25 bug fix: GenNBO reader does not read xxx.31 file P orbitals not in X Y Z order
# 12.0.25 bug fix: applying unit cell in LOAD command to XYZ file containing multiple models
#          does not convert later model coordinates to fractional ones.

# 12.0.24 bug fix: CIF reader does not recognize -1 for _atom_site_disorder_group

# 12.0.23 bug fix: Mopac MGF reader upgrade allows orbital subset
# 12.0.23 bug fix: Mopac MGF reader upgrade allows filter "alpha", filter "beta"
# 12.0.23 bug fix: JME load append does not get saved properly in state

SCRIPT command

# 12.0.24 bug fix: failure to read properly data "connect_atoms" from state
#          when struts or hbonds turned OFF


# 12.0.25 bug fix: SMILES generator in certain cases may not return stereochem (c-C(OH)(H)-c)

# 12.0.23 bug fix: find("SMILES", smilesString) does not find Jmol atomIndex == 0
# 12.0.23 bug fix: find("SMILES", smilesString) does not find [2H]
# 12.0.23 bug fix: SMILES check for c=c can fail.

WRITE command

# 12.0.26 bug fix: write xxx.jmol can fail if the same file is used twice in two different contexts

# 12.0.25 new feature: (part of write MOL bug fix) write SDF creates multi-model SDfile based on models of selected atoms
# 12.0.25 new feature: (part of write MOL bug fix) write V3000 creates V3000 file; see
# 12.0.25 bug fix: write MOL creates V2000 file
# 12.0.25 bug fix: over-run of SDF, MOL/V2000 reports error
# 12.0.25 bug fix: Web Export and write xx.jmol fail for load XXX:: forcing file type

# 12.0.24 bug fix: 12.0.19-22 fail to write state properly -- saved settings not saved

miscellaneous fixes

# 12.0.26 bug fix: popup menu does not show load {1 1 1} options correctly
# 12.0.26 bug fix: space before [ not recognized as significant when following $xxx or {...}
# 12.0.26 bug fix: set echo myecho [x y] after set echo myecho {3 3 3} does not work

# 12.0.25 bug fix: assigning array elements using x[i] = pt, where pt is a
#          variable that is a cartsian point or a plane does not copy variable
# 12.0.25 bug fix: pop-up menu after zap 1.1 in set of two models crashes Jmol

# 12.0.23 bug fix: bondset variables [{1 2 3}] incorrectly shown as atom bitsets ({1 2 3})
# 12.0.23 bug fix: xxx.yyy when "yyy" has been defined as a local variable using VAR fails
# 12.0.23 bug fix: appending data to models with unit cells can cause odd results

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