2010/9/19 Angel HerrŠez <angel.herraez@uah.es>
Bob Hanson wrote.

> >> -- proposing a NEW DEFAULT for Jmol for 12.1 and 12.0:
> >> † † † double bonds in the plane of the atoms, not twisty with
> >> orientation.

I quite agree with Jonathan, I'm not sure I would like this default changed. Must play with it
but haven't got the time now.

OK, that's probably enough to say we shouldn't change it. People who want this will need to enter:

set multipleBondSpacing 0.35
set multipleBondRadiusFactor 0.7

if they want multiple bonds in-line.

> -- smooth on-the-fly language switching

Can you elaborate mre on what that means?
We already could switch languages. Does it mean that the application reload is no longer

With the applet menu you don't notice it, but with the application Jmol was messing up menu and dialog items and was totally reloading the model. Now it just instantly changes the button and menu item names. Every single button, label, and menu item is simply switched over instantly.

You can see it especially if you open the console with either the application or applet and type

set language fr
set language de
set language en


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