Hi All --

I am just getting started with JMol, so I apologize if this is blatently obvious, but I've run into a bit of strange  behavior with scripting the applet.  Is there something particularly "special" about the "load" command?  I am calling out to a script file to load several PDB files, but for reasons I don't understand no other command seems to be executed from the script file.

For example, if I issue:
script load.script;

and "load.script" contains:
load FILES "molecule1.pdb" "molecule2.pdb";
frame ALL;
center *;

then, mysteriously, neither the "zap", the "frame" or the "center" commands are executed, but the coordinates DO get loaded!   I find this really surprising, since I would expect things to be executed in order (or error-out).....

Any clues for the clue-less (me)? 

PS - I'm using version 11.4.0