I was trying to display the lone pair electrons on an oxygen atom using the following:


  'select oxygen; lcaocartoon scale 1.5 "sp2b"; lcaocartoon color red;' +

  'lcaocartoon scale 1.5 "sp2c"; lcaocartoon color red;' +

  'lcaocartoon scale 0.75 "-sp2b"; lcaocartoon color blue;' +

'lcaocartoon scale 0.75 "-sp2c"; lcaocartoon color blue;’


This works as expected using the application, two sp2 like orbitals each with a “red” and “blue” phase. The script runs in the applet and does generate the four lcaocartoons in the correct orientation and size but the colors don’t work. I assume this is a bug?


Thanks, Rick




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