Coincidentally, I just saw these same two errors yesterday when testing a site in Firefox on a WinXP machine. They do not occur in FF on Mac OSX, where I do my development.


On Nov 22, 2006, at 7:47 PM, Angel Herraez wrote:

Hi all
For some time I've been observing javascript errors when the page with Jmol applet loads, 
but without any serious consequences: everything worked fine.

  "Error reading value for property 'width'. Invalid declaration"
  "Error reading value for property 'height'. Invalid declaration"

(this is not literal, as my errors are in Spanish)

Today I have found (thanks to Opera console, which is more clever than Firefox's) that it is 
caused by a CSS error in Jmol.js

on line nr. 643:
        "<p style='background-color:yellow;" +
        "width:" + sz[0] + ";height:" + sz[1] + ";" + 

lacks the proper units (pixels) for CSS property. It should read:
        "<p style='background-color:yellow;" +
        "width:" + sz[0] + "px;height:" + sz[1] + "px;" + 

This was added between 10.00.36 and 10.00.39 and is still there in the latest 10.9.102

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