Dear Angel, Bob H, and Paul (Pillot),

I have been reluctant to contribute JSmol documentation to the wiki because of what I see as some organizational issues. Perhaps I am on the wrong track, so I want to get some feedback before I attempt some restructuring at the wiki.

1. Problem: The main page has a prominent link near the top to the "JSmol Page". Excellent. But what you see when you click that link is a page titled "Jmol Javascript Object". This is not what one would expect, and it is very technical and stops me in my tracks. For the most part I cannot understand this page.

I have never been able to figure out what is the relationship between the Jmol-JSO and JSmol. If someone would explain that in simple terms at the top it would be a big help to me. Perhaps something like "The Jmol-JSO is the library upon which JSmol is built. If you simply want to use JSmol, you don't need to read this." ???

Proposed solution: I would create a new page titled "JSmol" (that page is presently a redirect to Jmol-JSO), and change the link on the main page to go to that.

The new page would contain everything about JSmol, taken from the current Jmol-JSO page. It would exclude the top section which is actually about the Jmol Javascript Object, which would remain where it is. The new "JSmol" page would have the proposed nontechnical short explanation of the relationship between JSmol and Jmol-JSO, with a link to the present page "Jmol JavaScript Object", from which all the JSmol portions would be moved to the new page.

2. Problem: For people like me, the section "converting pages from jmol to jsmol" is too technical and does not provide a step by step guide.

Proposed Solution: I am attempting to write a less technical, step by step guide. I would put this in a separate page, linked to the JSmol page.

3. Problem: Issues of speed, and the unacceptably slow javascript in Internet Explorer, and peculiarities with other browsers, do not seem to be documented.

Proposed Solution: I am documenting my experiences in FirstGlance and I would put it in a new article "JSmol vs. Jmol", linked to the JSmol page.

Please let me know if this plan is OK, and someone please explain the relationship between Jmol and Jmol-JSO briefly in non-technical language.

Thanks, Eric