I've just commited Spanish updates that avoid the regular double quotes in translated phrases -- let's see how they look and if they break something.

But also, these source phrases in English use quotes and that seems to break their getting localized in the popup

View > Top
Top[as in \"go to the top\" - (translators: remove this bracketed part]
Top[as in \"view from the top, from above\" - (translators: remove this bracketed part]

Select >All PDB "HETATM"

These do not go in the regular menu, so I do not know if they break anything:

use multitouch interface (requires \"sparshui\" parameter
Unable to find url \"{0}\".
Enter a four-digit PDB model ID or \"=\" and a three-digit ligand ID
Enter the name or identifier (SMILES, InChI, CAS) of a compound. Preface with \":\" to load from PubChem; otherwise Jmol will use the NCI/NIH Resolver.
Shows an unsliced \"ghost\".
write what? {0} or {1} \"filename\"